Recycled Raingutter Regatta

Start crafting your boats! We’re having a Recycled Raingutter Regatta at the 05/15 Pack Meeting!  Location will be sent out soon.  Plan on an outdoor pack meeting.  Invite your friends to join us!



What is it?  A Rain Gutter Regatta is the sailing equivalent of a Pinewood Derby.  This is a great parent-child project to make a boat from recycled materials. The race will be laid-back and great way for everyone to have fun.


General Guidelines

  • Each scout can make a boat. Parental help is welcome.
  • Boats should be made from recyclable materials.
  • A straw provided by the pack at the race will be used to blow on the sail of the boat down the track. Hands cannot touch the boat, unless the boat has tipped or sunk.
  • If the boat has tipped or sunk, it may be righted in the same spot it tipped over, not ahead.
  • Remember the Cub Scout Motto, “Do Your Best”. Have fun! Enjoy the spirit of friendly competition and good sportsmanship with your peers.



  • Scouts from same rank will race together.
  • The race begins when the official starter has placed the boats against the back wall of the gutter and commands the children to “GO”.
  • The children will then blow into the sail of their boat to advance it through the water. The boat can only be propelled by blowing into the sail.  Once the race has started, the boat cannot be touched with hands.
  • The first boat to cross the finish line is the winner.


Boat Specifications

  • Boats are made from parts that would normally be recycled or thrown away. Electric motors, pre-made boat parts or other forms of propulsion besides the sail are not allowed.
  • Length: No longer than 7”. No shorter than 6”. Width: No wider than 3.5”. Depth: Max depth is 1.5”.
  • Mast Height: 6-7” from deck to top.
  • Decorations such as sailors or cannons may be added. Bowspirits (large spears projecting forward of stem) are not allowed.
  • Assembly Tips:
    • Hulls: Juice boxes, slabs of foam insulation, 8oz water bottles, 20oz soda bottles, capri sun pouches
    • Masts: Straws, skewers, small dowels, pencils
    • Sails: Construction paper, index cards, cereal boxes, chip bags, capri sun pouches
    • Flatter bottoms recommended to maximize stability.
    • Do a test run with your boat!


Awards & Recognition

  • Scouts will vote on their favorite boat for each category.
  • Categories: Most Seaworthy, Funniest Boat, Most Artistic, Best Workmanship, Fastest Looking, Most Ready to Sail the Seven Seas, Most Colorful, Most Nautical
  • Medals and certificates will be awarded to all scouts!




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